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Known as the co-founder and former chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates is not only a millionaire who ranks high among the world’s billionaires every year, but also the world’s largest charitable fund organization named after him. .Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationHe is also a book lover and book lover. Mr Gates publishes every year for the summer “5 books to read this summerI announced the 2021 edition of “” on my official blog.

5 ideas for summer reading | Bill Gates

2020 was not only a pandemic of the new coronavirus, but also a year in which global warming gained a lot of attention as an urgent issue. Partly because of this, Gates commented, “In 2020, we reach books on the topic of ‘the complex relationship between mankind and nature,'” and it is also the subject in five recommended books in the summer of 2021. Books are rife along the line.

Below is the official movie which explains the 5 recommended books for 2021 in 3D animation format.

5 tips for summer reading – YouTube

1:Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric | Thomas Gritta, Ted Mannu(untranslated)

The first was the world’s largest general electronics manufacturer, written by two Wall Street Journal journalists.general Electric(Give)A work about the rise and fall of. The review said, “How does a very successful company like GE fail? I’ve been thinking about this question for years, but Writes Out is the answer I was looking for. It taught me a lot. The author frankly describes the mistakes and miscalculations made by GE leaders, and what you can learn from this book for businesses, nonprofits, and anyone seeking leadership. There must be a lot more.”

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2:Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future | Elizabeth Colbert(untranslated)

In second place is the Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece.”the sixth great extinctionElizabeth Colbert, best known for “”, has been ranked in a book that further cuts into the global environment. Biologists trying to protect the rarest fish, engineers trying to turn carbon dioxide emissions into rocks in Iceland, Australian researchers trying to grow “super corals” that can survive on a warmer Earth. save the global environment” from humans who have tried their best to destroy the global environment. The review this time had the most direct idea of ​​”humanity versus nature” of the five books listed. The author wrote of the work, “People who Trying to solve the problems that humanity has created. It is a work that explains how humans naturally intervene, such as genetic manipulation and geoengineering. This topic is a topic I’m particularly interested in, and the other four books I mentioned. It is also a fun book to read. “

3:A Promised Land | Barack Obama

The third memoir of former President Barack Obama, who became the first African-American and president of color in American history.” I’m almost always interested in books about the President of the United States, but ‘The Promised Land’ is one of my favorites This memoir dates from the early days of President Obama’s inauguration in 2011.Osama bin Laden assassinationPresident Obama speaks unusually and frankly about his experiences in the White House, such as the isolation experienced by sane human beings. It’s an interesting piece of content about what it’s like to run a country in difficult times.”

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4The Overstory | Richard Powers

The Pulitzer Prize winning “Overstory” in 2019 has been ranked. People with various spines, such as soldiers shot but saved by sacred trees in Southeast Asia, descendants of a clan that photographed chestnut trees for four generations, and female college students who were revived by electric shock , they stand in deforestation. The book that shows where you’re headed. Gates commented, “It’s the most special book I’ve read in the last few years. It follows the lives of nine people and highlights their “relationship with trees.” Sometimes the characters know each other, and sometimes the story goes in isolation. The book has a partisan view of the need for forest conservation, but I have a passion for each character. I was impressed and renewed my thoughts that I should know more about trees. “

5:An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives | Matt Richtel(untranslated)

was the last”Nervous hijacking—if “attention” is deniedThe book released in 2019 by Matt Richtel, which bagged four crowns like Amazon’s Book of the Year. Explaining the complex biology of the immune system to the general public, the film garnered a lot of attention due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus that occurred just a year after its release. The review states, “Although it was published before the pandemic, this book exploring the human immune system is a valuable book to help you understand what is needed to prevent COVID-19. Four By focusing on the patients, each of whom is forced to manage. Their immune systems have somehow managed to bring complex subjects closer to them. The story of these four patients is immunity. Very interesting to know the science of was.”

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