boruto episode 209 sub indo anyboy watch full movie, release schedule delayed by a week

Nonton Boruto Episode 209 Sub Indo Anoboy Full Movie, Jadwal Rilis Ditunda Satu Minggu

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM – Watch the streaming of Boruto Episode 209 with Indonesian Subtitles via iQIYI Streaming Platform on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 16.30 WIB.

This episode 209 titled ‘Golongan Pariah’ focuses on telling the story of Kawaki who lives in a hidden leaf.

It seems that Kawaki still has doubts as to why someone like him deserves to live in a big village.

Here is the full preview of Boruto Episode 209 with Indonesian Subtitles.

At the beginning of the preview, Kawaki opens the scene, staring at his Karma.

Then the picture shook. Boruto asked Himawari where his new brother had gone.

Himawari felt that Kawaki was gone, but did not tell where she was going.

Boruto who was worried about him was curious as to where he had gone this morning.

Himawari explained that Naruto told her not to worry about Kawaki, but Himawari still felt annoyed that Kawaki was gone.

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It seems that Boruto is starting to pack his things, planning to find Kawaki.

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