Bought a wine cooler for elementary school money – wasted

Bought a wine cooler for elementary school money - wasted

It was an official from Malmö City’s primary school administration, who in the autumn of 2017 noticed that the equipment purchased in large quantities was not present at the school, during a list of likely thefts of school property.

However, during the search of the house of the three employees, the goods which were ordered for the primary school were found. These included several bar stools, a fender base, an espresso machine, a grill, and a wine cooler.

Compensation for overtime?

Now one of the employees – who was the school’s principal at the time – has been sentenced to a suspended sentence for 25 counts of gross infidelity against the principal. Two other persons, who were teachers, are sentenced for aiding and abetting the same offense and the sentence there also is a suspended sentence.

According to the decision of the Malmö District Court, it is clear that these are not goods that a primary school needs to run its business, but that “the kind of goods that a private person may benefit or enjoy”.

Two teachers convicted of aiding and abetting confirm to a greater or lesser extent that the goods were purchased for personal use, but state that it was compensation for working with teacher candidates or for overtime work and that it was approved by the principal had gone .

finished school

The principal has denied this. He claims that all of the items covered by the indictment have been purchased for use in elementary school activities, but this explanation is not purchased by the district court. He is also sentenced to pay around SEK 125,000 in damages to the city of Malmö, a portion of which should be paid jointly and severally by two other men.

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The three men were forced to resign from the school when the crimes were discovered.


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