Brazil has twice as many deaths as the USA and is subject to international examination – 03/22/2021

Brazil has twice as many deaths as the USA and is subject to international examination - 03/22/2021

In the worst week of the epidemic in Brazil and without a drop in the number of new cases, 25% of the world’s deaths occurred in the country between 15 and 21 March. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 60.2 thousand people on the planet in total were victims of Kovid-19 during this period. Brazil alone has 15.6 thousand of them, representing only 2.7% of the world’s population.

The data also shows that over a period of one week, the number of deaths in Brazil was double that registered by the runner-up, USA. With adequate vaccination and social distance measures, Americans added 7,500 deaths a week.

The number of other places of intensive transmission of the Kovid-19 also indicates low absolute rates. In third place, there were 3,300 deaths a week in Mexico, 2,900 in Russia, 2,700 in Italy, 2,100 in Poland and 1,800 in France.

Brazil alone accounts for half of the deaths on the US continent and is close to the total recorded in Europe with 20,000 deaths a week. However, the European continent has a population of 764 million people, more than three times Brazil’s total.

Overall, Brazil ranks second among the countries that have recorded the most deaths since the onset of the epidemic. There were more than 290 thousand against 536 thousand in the United States.

According to the WHO, there were officially 5,300 deaths on the planet in a 24-hour period. There were 2,400 deaths in Brazil, 773 in the United States, 608 in Mexico, 401 in Italy or 371 in Russia. But many European countries have not yet presented the most recent data so that a full account can be created for a 24-hour period.

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Brazil is the target of examination by international experts

As Brazil’s crisis deepens, the country aims an examination by a group created by the WHO to assess how each government reacted to the epidemic. Last week, experts selected by the agency to assess the global response to the crisis chose 28 countries that try to understand what worked and what failed.

Brazil, according to the column, was among those to be investigated and the Ministry of Health was obliged to provide information to experts. Confidential, the process will be completed only in May. But, according to the sources attending the meetings, Brazil was used as an example of how actions were considered inadequate.

The process of investigating the situation in Brazil was, ironically, the result of Itamarti’s pressure against the WHO. In 2020, with the government Donald TrumpGovernment of Jair Bolsonaro The World Health Agency joined a project seeking to be subjected to a kind of audit.

The project was approved. But the experts selected to conduct the exam not only chose WHO to investigate. In addition to managing Tedros Ghebreyes, experts decided that they would also assess how various governments responded to international warnings, recommendations, and the Global Emergency Declaration in January 2020.

One of the first findings suggests that, if an emergency was established, some governments implemented concrete measures and strengthened their health systems in the first weeks following the outbreak of the crisis.


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