Burger King rewards his 27-year career with a surprise bag, Internet users offer him 270,000 euros. Extraordinary

 Burger King rewards his 27-year career with a surprise bag, Internet users offer him 270,000 euros.  Extraordinary

The magic of social networks. After 27 years at the cash register of a Burger King restaurant, Kevin Ford was offered some pens and movie tickets from his employer. The prize was deemed inadequate by Internet users, who collected more than $283,000 (about 271,000 euros) through an online kitty.

A few weeks ago, Kevin Ford celebrated his 27-year career at Burger King. Since June 1995, this American has been working at the cash desk of a famous fast-food establishment located in McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. And in nearly three decades, the employee hasn’t missed a single day of work.

To reward him, Burger King offers him a surprise bag with questionable ingredients. In a video shared on TikTok, we can see Kevin exploring content. Alternatively, he takes out a pack of sweets, a glass, a cinema ticket and two ballpoint pens from a bag. And if he does not fail to thank his employer for this attention, Internet users were outraged by some of these gifts.

Seeing the many reactions elicited by these images, her daughter, Serina Ford, launched A fundraiser on the GoFundMe site original purpose? Fund a $200 trip so Kevin can see his grandchildren. But the counter exploded rapidly. In less than two weeks, Kitty has already shown over $283,000 (about 271,000 euros).

“The man in this video is my father,” Serina wrote on the prize pool page. “He has worked in his position for 27 years and yes, he never missed a single day of work. When he got my elder sister and my custody 27 years ago, he started working as a single father. Then, when our family grew up and he remarried, he continued to work there because of the excellent health insurance provided by that employer, as he was unionized. This allowed their four daughters to go to high school and college with full medical coverage. ,

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With this money, Kevin intends to visit his family in Texas and buy a new car, as he explained in a column for TMZ. They have already got a chance to see their grandchildren during a surprise meeting on the sets of the Today show. “I haven’t seen them” for four years, he said, hugging his loved ones in tears. “It means a lot to us,” said her daughter.

“I didn’t have high hopes when I shared the prize pool,” Serina said again. “She definitely exceeded all my expectations.” “In my eyes, my father deserves the world. He gave me everything. He made me the person I am today. I love him more than anything.”

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