But why is he acting like this?

But why is he acting like this?

For several months there have been many rumors about the state of health of Vladimir Putin. But the Russian President and his party are very discreet on the subject and it is difficult to separate the truth from the untruth.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s petty acts and gestures are closely scrutinized for the slightest clue. And the least we can say is that the images of the Kremlin strongman’s visit to St. Petersburg this weekend are interesting.

During a walk this Saturday evening, Vladimir Poutin actually met a mosquito that had bothered him at the level of his face. So he tried to drive it away by making big gestures with his left hand, while the mosquito seemed to be bothering him on the right.

Interesting, because his right hand doesn’t move when we would naturally use that hand. As a reminder, this right hand has been the subject of insanity rumors for several months. Some suspect Vladimir Putin to be affected by Parkinson’s disease because his members seem to be sedentary most of the time.

If Vladimir Putin knows how to use his right hand, as he proved it this Sunday by greeting his supporters during a naval parade in St. Petersburg, its use seems limited indeed. what does this mean ? Mystery…

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