California Wildfire: 20% Sequoia Trees Destroyed – News 360 – World

California Wildfire: 20% Sequoia Trees Destroyed - News 360 - World

Washington: Wildfires in California, USA for the past two years

One of the largest trees in the world, sequoia trees are reported to have lost 20 percent of their value. Thousands of sequoia trees were destroyed this year alone. Sequoia trees, which were believed to never catch fire, were badly damaged by forest fires. One-third of small forests in California’s Sequoia National Park were destroyed by wildfires. As a result, between 2,000 and 3,000 sequoia trees were affected by subsequent wildfires. Wildfires in Sequoia National Park also destroyed 7,500 to 10,400 sequoia trees in the western Sierra Nevada. In 2015, two sequoia trees caught fire for the first time. In 2017, a few more sequoia trees caught fire.

history’s worst wildfire

The past five years have seen the largest wildfire in California history. Most of the damage was caused by forest fires last year. The forest fire that started in August 2020 was extinguished in January. Had it not been for the heavy rain and snowfall on October 25 this year, the situation would have been worse.

Various Measures to Protect Sequoia

The authorities have taken several measures to protect the sequoia trees. The absorbent fire retardant gel on baby diapers covers the entire 200-foot canopy. Sprinklers were used to retain the moisture of the wood. The branches and twigs that were caught in the fire were taken care of by cutting them from the tree.


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