Call for talks predicts Venezuelan protest declines

Opositor Juan Guaidó durante una conferencia de prensa en Caracas. 3 de marzo del 2021. /Foto: Leonardo Fernandez Viloria / Reuters

Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guedo’s call to negotiate with the government today represents recognition of the drastic decline of his plans for regime change in the country, assured a special source.

According to a report published by the Samuel Robinson Institute, the former Venezuelan congressman’s proposal for a so-called national liberation agreement meant reversing his speech based on a promise to never accept a negotiation with the Bolivarian executive.

According to a message published last week on the social network Twitter, the self-proclaimed chairman-in-charge also advocated offering “incentives to governance, progressive lifting of sanctions, conditional on compliance with these objectives of the agreement”.

Since Joe Biden’s rise to the presidency of the United States, the ‘Guedo Project’ has been facing a dead end, unaffiliated, and in the face of constant accumulation of political failures, the cost of rescuing the opposition leader is unsustainable, Here the center of study of the original idea gave importance.

4 Maduro: “Trump and Guedo are glorified to destroy the opposition”

After the appointment of the new Board of Directors of the National Election Council (CNE) through the National Assembly (Parliament), the area represented by Juan Guedo was distinct from the agreement reached with the moderate zone of opposition with parliamentary representation.

In this sense, the regime change agenda headed by the former deputy again seemed weak, without credibility or future, the particular source indicated.

He said that before signs of recognition to the new CNE released from Washington and the European Union, Guedo launched a national settlement initiative, ‘a dramatic way of entering into ongoing negotiations by increasing the possibility of ending sanctions in exchange for political concessions’. Effort . ‘.

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“While it is difficult to publicly close the Guedo project, (…) there are certainly signs that the Biden administration is changing its approach to the Bolivian government’s dialogue offensive and the country’s institutional reintegration,” the Samuel Robinson Institute outlined did.

In recent statements, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called for the most radical factions of the opposition to leave a path of coup and intervention, regarding new approaches to establishing dialogue.

4 Maduro calls on the opposition to abandon the coup path

The President of Venezuela reaffirmed the executive’s willingness to negotiate with all political regions of the country, and in addition to the recognition and legitimate powers of the constitution, raised topics on the agenda for the cessation of interventionism and calls for aggression against the country . country ..

Maduro also demanded that Venezuela’s rights should be held accountable for the resources given by the United States government for conspiratorial actions, as well as the rescue of all resources and assets blocked for the South American nation abroad.


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