Capital Hero risked his life to save the life of a US senator

Capital Hero risked his life to save the life of a US senator

Capitol Police Eugene Goodman, identified by radio reporter Kristin Wilson Cnn, Which prevented riotous crowds from flooding the US Senate in an effort to restore security.

Colliding with the crowd, Mr. Goodman stood between a man wearing a black T-shirt, carrying the law movement and the entrance of the Senate.

Mr. Goodman then pushed the man to focus the attention of the crowd on himself and steer him in the opposite direction.

According to the newspaper The washington postMr. Goodman’s efforts gave the police extra time when he was required to close the Senate door while the crowd chased him.

Police Eugene Goodman. Cut photo from clip

“During the riots in the Capitol, this officer prevented the mob from entering the Senate and saved the lives of those people” – Rep. Bill Peskrell wrote of Mr. Goodman’s courage. Twitter 10 January

Many lawmakers with military experience, such as Mr. Reuben Gallego and Mr. Jason Crowe, have also been praised during the riots for being reassuring and helping to drive out allies.

President Trump, who tried to reverse Joe Biden’s victory, but failed, recently made inappropriate statements about massive electoral fraud.

The White House boss also urged supporters to gather in Washington on January 6 to confirm Biden’s victory in opposition to a session of the National Assembly’s electoral count.

Five people, including an officer of the Capitol Police, were killed in the riots. The head of this force resigned after the incident and a federal prosecutor vowed to accuse any member of complicity with the mob of rioting.

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