Chancellor’s question in Germany – CSU boss renounces candidacy for Sauder Chancellor – News

Chancellor's question in Germany - CSU boss renounces candidacy for Sauder Chancellor - News

  • CSU boss Marcus Sauder withdrew his application for union chancellor candidacy.
  • “CDU boss Armin Laskett is the union’s candidate for chancellor,” said Marcus Sauder in front of the media.

Soder has accepted the CDU’s explicit board vote for his party leader Armin Laskett as the union’s candidate for chancellor for the federal elections in the autumn. “My word that I have given is valid,” the Bavarian Prime Minister said. He said: “He is dead. Armin Leschet becomes the union’s candidate for Chancellor.”

Sauder congratulates laschet

Sauder extends his support to Lachett in the upcoming election campaign. He calls Lashet and congratulates him, Sauder said. “We will support them with full force without outrage.”

In a democracy it is important that the parties come together in the end. “We don’t want a division, we want a closed community.” There will still be discussion for sure. “But we will contribute to mutual success in Bavaria.”

Merkel congratulates Lashet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also congratulated Laschet on her nomination.

“Congratulations, dear Armaan Laskat, on your new job as Chancellor,” Merkel said in a tweet by her government spokesman Stephane Seibert. “I look forward to the coming months of our cooperation.”

The power struggle ended in the Union

At a special digital meeting of the CDU board on Tuesday night, 31 out of 46 voting board members appealed to include their own party’s chairman, Lashet, as the chancellor’s candidate. 9 voted for Soder, 6 were excluded.

Sauder decided on the candidacy for Chancellor after a week of power struggle at the hands of the CDU on Monday. The CDU is now deciding this «sovereign», he said. “We as CSU and I respect every decision as well.”

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CSU CDU has a sister party in Bavaria. It competes only in the state of Bavaria, with the CDU only in the other 15 German states. In the Bundestag, the two form a general parliamentary group, and in the Bundestag elections they nominate a general candidate for chancellor. So far, this has generally been determined by consensus.


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