Charles Mitchell’s move to dismiss Macron’s candidate for a key position – Liberation


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After months of negotiations, the Franco-Swiss Thérse Blanchett, a lawyer without diplomatic experience, was appointed to an important position in the European Union, to which Elysee wanted to have a more qualified representative. In the maneuver, the President of the European Council thus takes a dig at the head of state.

Twenty-Seven, during an informal summit in Prague on Friday, decided to appoint to the post of Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers of the European Union (SG), after a seven-month vacancy, Franco-Swiss Therese Blanchett, director of this legislative body. The general of the legal service from 2019 where the states sit. Even though, for the first time, this strategic position will be occupied by a woman, it is a default option, Belgian Charles Michel, president of the European Council of States and Government, has done everything to kill the candidacy, backed by the Elysee, of the union. For the very (also?) illustrious French Permanent Representative (PR, the equivalent of an ambassador), Philippe Leglis-Costa, which took the risk of overwhelming him. Result of this maneuver: This position has never been occupied by such a weak personality, its previous holders were all high level diplomats.

unhealthy competition

It was last March that 59-year-old Dan Jeppe Trenholm-Mikkelsen resigned from his post of Secretary General, which he had held since 2015, tired of Charles Michel’s obsession, Since his appointment in 2019Got into an unhealthy competition with u…


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