China’s trouble in Ukraine: Xi Jinping’s heart flutters between Putin and Zelensky

Dans la guerre en Ukraine, la Chine tarde à choisir son camp, ce qui irrite le Kremlin et le président russe Vladimir Poutine.

On the other hand, behind-the-scenes diplomacy, in which they have secrecy, are busy. In Kyiv, the people of Peking, the famous “Chen Diyu” of the Ministry of State Security (Guanbu in Chinese), tried to persuade Ukraine and its allies to follow Xi Jinping’s roadmap, a non-negotiable condition, to intervene officially. trying. , A delicate balancing act between the two belligerents, therefore, of China, at the center of which the military and political officials in Beijing form their own view of the actual situation to anticipate future developments and avoid finding themselves on the wrong side. Time comes.

More practically, why would China be interested in interfering with Russia on Ukraine’s side? A priority, not to please Kyiv, Washington, London or Brussels, but to gain time to achieve a broader objective, in particular, to repair its image damaged on the international scene by the coronavirus crisis and its consequences. Its influence in Asia including Taiwan (to establish and expand its nuclear and military power, etc.) by reducing external pressure.

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