Chinese space rocket officially lands on Indian Ocean

Chinese space rocket officially lands on Indian Ocean

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A block of chinese rocket Long march 5b Entering the atmosphere for the first time from the Maldives at about 9:24 am (central Mexico time) disintegrating over the Arabian Sea The China Mandated Space Engineering Bureau reported late Saturday.

“The first stage of the Long March 5B carrier rocket re-entered the atmosphere at 9:20 am local time on May 9, 2021,” the Chinese Office of Space Engineering said in a statement. The coordinates of the point on it Indian Ocean Near Maldives. He says that most of this segment was shattered and destroyed as it entered the atmosphere.

US Space Command’s Space Track Project said in a tweet that those who “follow the re-entry of Longmarch 5B can rest. The rocket is down.” He said most of the rockets were destroyed upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

The Asian country launched the first module of its space station on April 29 at Orbit, thanks to the Long March 5B carrier rocket, the most powerful and imposing Chinese launcher. However, he lost control upon his return to Earth and experts speculated that it could cause harm upon entering the atmosphere.

China, being very considerate in this matter, did not publish any forecasts about the probable time of entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, where it should disintegrate completely or partially.

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He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.DMR


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