Collapsed building in Florida: Help ends in search of survivors

Collapsed building in Florida: Help ends in search of survivors

Emergency services have decided to end the search for survivors of a building that collapsed on June 24 in Florida, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, where 54 people died, announced Wednesday. a final assessment.

“It is with deep and deep sadness that I announce to you this afternoon that we have made the extremely difficult decision to move (corpses) from the rescue and search phase to the collection,” said Daniela Levine Cava, specifying While 86 people were still missing.

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“At this point, we have really exhausted all the options available to the rescue teams,” said Daniela Levin Cava, adding that eight other bodies were found before the search for potential survivors was called off.

In a round-the-clock search over the past two weeks of a pile of rubble on the waterfront of a 12-story building in the city of Surfside, no one has been found alive except a teenager on the day of the collapse. Officials said on Tuesday that no less than 124 tonnes of debris was removed during the intensive excavation.

Access to excavated areas through demolition

Mexican and Israeli rescue teams along with American rescue teams participated in these rescue operations in the rubble of the building. Most of the latter, called Champlain Towers South, still collapsed in a largely unexplained manner, even though the structure of the building appears to be in low places.

The rest of the building, deemed dangerous with instability, was the subject of controlled demolition on Sunday evening, which allowed teams to progress until excavated areas were inaccessible.

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About that: Hurricane Elsa, which has strengthened into a hurricane, is headed for Florida

The site was swept by winds and rain on Tuesday carried by Tropical Storm Elsa, which made landfall on Florida’s west coast on Wednesday.


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