Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: Here are the winners

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: Here are the winners

(CNN) — an image of mono With a painful expression he won the overall award at this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The photo, the work of British fan Ken Jensen, won the competition along with 7,000 other nominees, according to a statement from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards released on Wednesday.

Jensen took the image in 2016 on a bridge over the Xun River in Yunnan, southwest China, capturing the moment the male monkey sat on one of the bridge’s support cables.

Jensen said in the statement, “I was absolutely overwhelmed to learn that my work has won, especially when there were such a large number of amazing photographs presented.”

“The publicity my image has received in recent months is incredible, it’s great to know that your image is making people around the world smile, as well as helping to support some worthy conservation cause. Pain” .

This year’s contest will donate 10% of its total net proceeds to Save Wild Orangutans, which works to protect wild orangutans in Borneo’s Gunung Palung National Park.

A pigeon with a leaf on its face in Oban Argyll, UK.
(Credit: John Spears/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021)

John Spear won the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award for his image of a dove with a leaf on its face, and Arthur Trevino won the Animals of the Land category with a picture of a small prairie dog on a bald eagle.

An image of a mother otter playing hard with her cubs won the Water Creature Award for Chi Ki Teo, and Vicki Jauron portfolio for a set of four images of a young elephant having fun in the mud at Park Matusadona, Zimbabwe won the award. ,

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And the winner of the video category was Rahul Lakhmani, whose work depicts a white-throated kingfisher taking another bird down its overly enthusiastic throat.

Last year, Mark Fitzpatrick’s photo of a turtle that appears to be raising his middle finger at the camera was the winner, and two years ago Sarah Skinner came in first with a photo of a big cat’s lion cub.


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