Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs: Integration of four international conventions accepted by majority. Policy

  Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs: Integration of four international conventions accepted by majority.  Policy

A broad majority voted today Committee on Defense And Four Transit Agreements submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Parliament of Foreign Affairs.

He voted in favor of his ratification SW, SYRIZA, KINAL, Was ordered against KK, whereas Greek solution And ΜέΡΑ25 Reserved his seat in the plenary.

The agreements concern partnership between the European Union. (Ghana, Singapore, Vietnam and Kama EPA states (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland).

Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis He stated that “international conferences, and especially conferences prepared by the European Union, do not come as suddenly to the Parliament as the Vajra. They are published, they are the result of long-term diplomatic negotiations and all to protect Greek interests The necessary provisions are “.

Responding to the opposition’s allegations that there was little time to study these agreements, the minister said that “all four agreements were signed by the European Union when SYRIZA was still in power” and clarified that only KAMA The agreement with him has been signed recently. He stressed that “the contracts provide us with trade and economic access to more than 230 million people and about the total volume of bilateral trade between the European Union and the countries that are talking about 130 billion euros.” ” We benefit from these agreements, he said, “because we are lifting tax restrictions on our own exports, while the European Union is also playing its international role.” “We are increasing our contacts with Africa,” he said. In particular the issue of the safety of Greek products has been clearly raised in these agreements, and even in the agreement on Brexit, the security of the name of the product was our “red” line, he said.

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ND synergy Athanasios Liouatas He stressed that all of these draft laws of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveal the most important developmental role that the European Union plays, both with its member countries and with third countries. As he stressed, agreements that help in macroeconomic development and prosperity of societies. And their important mark is the formation of healthy competition and mutual benefit.

SYRIZA synergy on sanctions against Vietnam and Singapore, Nasos Athanasiou, Stated that his party is positive towards him, although he said that here we see that many special exceptions to the rule are introduced and accepted, which should concern us as a foreign policy practice. SYRIZA Rapporteur on EU-Ghana sanctions and working EPA states Theodora TajikariStated that “We have no objection to being in favor of this, but the Ministry of External Affairs should send us all the information materials on time” especially when it comes to agreements on product name protection “Specifically emphasizing the issue While giving “we like” we know if anyone in the Foreign Ministry is monitoring what the PDO has agreed to at the European Union level. At the same time, Ms. Tzakari remarked that “if all four of these agreements were presented in Parliament on Friday night, the government requested that they be immediately presented for discussion and voting, contrary to the two agreements of agreements with Northern Macedonia.” Go. “

Special spokesman for Kinel said, “We have no reason to be negative about these four restrictions, Andreas Loverdos. “These four agreements are in this case a positive development in terms of economic and investment relations, which are beneficial to our country, although there may be some revenue reduction from the point of view of tariffs.”

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Special spokesperson of KK, Christos Katsotis, Said that as her party did in the European Parliament, she would vote against all these agreements, as she described them as “hunters” in favor of the European Union, European monopolies and large groups against countries and peoples. did.

Special speaker of Greek solution Antonis Mylonakis Reserving their position in the plenary, stating that “as a member state of the European Union we have an obligation to ratify these agreements”, but in the long run they only worry about trade and on issues like culture, education, labor No other reference is given. Social policy, insurance, health, public safety, which should be aimed at.

MERA25 Special Speaker, Klein Grigoriadis, He also called on his party to oppose all EU agreements, saying “for 20 years now, free trade agreements are a strategic alternative to stronger economies, thus promoting neoliberal globalization”.


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