Concerns for those not vaccinated in Europe before winter

Concerns for those not vaccinated in Europe before winter

Thoughts and thoughts spark on the formulation of a new policy of restrictive measures anti-vaccination movement Which is observed throughout Europe and thereby makes it difficult to build a wall of immunity. The large percentage of unvaccinated people in the countries of the Old Continent such as Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and the Czech Republic opens up a wide area of ​​discussion. With the fourth wave of the pandemic just around the corner and the number of cases rising in many countries, governments have begun to prepare a Plan B in the event of a virus outbreak.

The architecture of the new policy of moderation is based on the uneducated, who, if nothing else, are in the crosshairs of Europe.

attribute is an example of Austria, with Vienna, to launch the project amid rising cases and ICU admissions Lockdown only for those who do not vaccinate, which means they can be released under certain conditions. The fact that winter favors the transmission of the Covid-19 disease due to indoor recreation, has energized experts not to let the situation spiral out of control.

Detection and dispersal of “delta+” mutations at the same time makes it important to take measures to shield the population. However, it has been found that the majority of those in intensive care units worldwide have not been vaccinated.

Building the walls of collective immunity, which has been the goal of reducing infections since the beginning, seems like a far-fetched goal as a large proportion of citizens are skeptical about vaccination.

The situation in Eastern European countries is particularly worrisome. Romania’s case count is an indication of nearly 500 daily deaths from the coronavirus and only 36% of the world’s population have succumbed to the disease. because of this reason, Bucharest expected to announce restrictive measures.

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The low vaccination coverage, along with the high prevalence of the virus, was caused by Emergency measures in Latvia, especially in the one month lockdown.

Even countries such as Germany have put forward proposals to ban unvaccinated, while the state of Hesse cannot shop at unvaccinated supermarkets.

In Britain There has also been a sharp rise in infections, with nearly 50,000 daily cases and a significant increase in hospitalizations, while there is Reinstatement of the obligation to use masks.

opposite of this, Israel Runs in the context of a “success story”, exhibiting “good student” behavior. Against the rise in cases, he turned from defense to attack, vaccinated a large part of the population with a booster dose. The platform was also open to young people, while administration of the third dose proved to reduce the epidemic while giving freedom again.

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