Confidential NATO document theft

Confidential NATO document theft

Hundreds of documents sent by NATO to Portugal have been found for sale on the dark web.

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DHundreds of confidential documents sent by NATO to Portugal have been found for sale on the dark web following a computer hack. Portuguese online newspaper Diario de Noticias reported on Thursday that the cyber attack targeted the General Staff and military intelligence services of the Portuguese armed forces.

According to the Diario de Noticias, the incident was detected by US intelligence and then reported to Portuguese authorities through the US embassy in Lisbon last August. The paper said investigations by Portuguese cyber security agencies may have identified the General Staff of the Armed Forces, military intelligence and a department of the Ministry of Defense as the targets of the cyberattack.

Exchange on unsecured lines

“The government is able to assure that the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces work on a daily basis to maintain Portugal’s credibility as a founding member of the Atlantic Alliance,” the cabinet responded in writing. of Prime Minister Antonio Costa. , interviewed by AFP.

“Whenever intrusion is suspected (…) the situation is analyzed in detail” and measures are taken to “strengthen awareness of cyber security”, the government said, though without confirming or denying that the documents were stolen.

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According to information from the Diario de Noticias, the related documents were exchanged through unsecured lines of communication between the various Portuguese services.


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