Corona Scandal Around England Aviators: Despite Mutation, No Control

Corona Scandal Around England Aviators: Despite Mutation, No Control

Several flights from Great Britain landed in Vienna yesterday – none of the return times were tested.

Europe in Shock: The mutated coronavirus variant in Great Britain is 70 percent more infectious than the original Kovid-19 and is spreading rapidly in England. Most European countries immediately banned all entry from the UK – it must be by train, ship or plane. Austria also reacted – but not quickly enough. Only after midnight, London planes are no longer allowed to land in Vienna-Schwechat.

Yesterday, four aircraft arrived, three of which were carrying passengers. The last AUA flight touched down at SchweChat shortly before noon. Sarah, a 22-year-old student from Slovenia, says: “We didn’t have an exam. But we were offered free PCR tests at the health center at the airport. He was also told that after entering the country he would have to live separately for five days. However, it is doubtful whether and how they are controlled. Dozens of London travelers said the same thing during their inspection at Vienna Airport in Australia: they can enter the country without a test!

Minister: “Reacts quickly.”

Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg and Interior Minister Nehmer took their photographs at the airport on Monday. Schallenberg on control: “In general, we reacted quickly and took the necessary measures. We all do not want the virus to go wrong, ”he said. Schallenberg said there would be no more landings or border closures at the moment. Information that transmits new types of viruses more easily must first be verified by scientists.

Flights halted after border closure in Europe, chaos

On the final machines landing in Germany, there were 10 positive corona cases. All passengers arriving from London were separated and had to undergo a test. Denmark, Sweden and Finland also no longer allow planes from Great Britain to land. Formal decisions in Norway and Sweden were taken on Monday. Turkey also followed it. Nevertheless, the new Corona version of the virus is said to have spread long ago: the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and South Africa reported cases.

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