Coronavirus: Detecting a new variant, is it already in Belgium?

Coronavirus: Detecting a new variant, is it already in Belgium?

It seems that the new Omicron variant, Centaur, is spreading rapidly to our neighboring countries. It could become the major version by the fall.

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TookThat version of Omicron, Centaur, or BA.2.75 has recently appeared in the sanitary landscape. First detected in India, the subvariant has now appeared in about ten countries. However, no infection has been recorded on Belgian soil.

Centaur differs from other variants in its ability to resist antibodies, as well as in the rate of its spread. However, there is no indication that it is more serious or causes other symptoms. So scientists do not yet know whether centaurs will be in majority in Belgium this winter. “In our country, no infections have been observed so far, but it is getting closer,” explained Flemish biostatistician Geert Mollenberg to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad.

“After rapidly spreading in India, it should be seen spreading rapidly across the world this holiday season,” he said. A dozen cases have been identified in the United Kingdom, while others have been reported from infected people registered in the United States, Germany, Luxembourg or Indonesia.

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