Coronavirus Live News: Global deaths near 1M as India prepares to pass 6m cases | World News


The first virus death among asylum seekers in Greece


Travel between New Zealand and some Australian states is possible before the end of the year


A new, stronger chapter in the English coronavirus rules will begin on Monday, with fines of up to લોકોને 10,000 for refusing to separate when asked, and enforcement, including tip-offs, from those who believe others are breaking the rules. Is.

Comes with changes The duty of self-separation in the law. It becomes a legal obligation if someone is asked to do so by test-and-trace staff, but not for people using the Covid-19 phone app, which is anonymous.

At the same time, the government is introducing a new સિસ્ટમ 500 payment system for low-income people who cannot work due to mandatory 14-day self-separation, a system implemented by councils:


Australia In Australia, statistics show that young people received half of all fines levied during the first wave of the state epidemic, while South Sudan and the Aboriginal communities received a large number of fines.

Data released last week by the Crime Statistics Agency shows that there were 6,062 violations of the Covid-19 rules involving 5,474 people during the first wave of the corovirus epidemic. Victoria.

The average age was 29.5 years, and only one in four of those fined was a woman. About 42% of them were under 24 years of age.

Those born in South Sudan and Sudan were further represented in the fines imposed. They levied a 5% fine, but only about 0.14% of the Victorian population. Despite being only 0.8% of the population in Victoria, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders scored 4.7% of the fine:


There are zero cases of new coronavirus in New Zealand


The global death toll rises to 996,000




Northern Britain and possibly London are facing new lockdowns

19: 15


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