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Earthquake strikes central Philippines




A security guard at a New Zealand managed isolation facility for travellers returning to the country has posted extensive private information about quarantined travellers to a group on the social media platform Snapchat, officials have said.

The list included the names, room numbers and arrival and departure dates of 27 quarantined travellers staying at the Sheraton Four Points facility in Auckland, along with the names and room numbers of five staff members, said a statement from Megan Main, one of the officials responsible for the isolation facilities.

The image was posted to a private group on Snapchat by the guard on Saturday morning and removed at about noon when the breach was identified and traced, the statement said. The guard, from the firm First Security, had legitimate access to the information – but officials apologised for the breach.

It’s another blow for a government trying to correct failures in the country’s managed isolation system; Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister, has revealed that she thought all border workers were being tested for Covid-19, when less than 40% actually were.
The country is experiencing a resurgence in community transmission of the virus — with 90 active cases in New Zealand, and one cluster of cases in Auckland — after weeks without any domestic spread.




India carries out record number of daily tests


Los Angeles schools to test all 600,000 students

In the most ambitious plan of its kind, Los Angeles Unified has announced plans to test its roughly 600,000 students and 75,000 employees as the nation’s second-largest school district prepares for the eventual return to in-person instruction.

The superintendent of Los Angeles Unified, Austin Beutner, said in a statement the program will provide regular Covid testing and contact tracing for school staff, students and families.

“Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions, and while this testing and contact tracing effort is unprecedented, it is necessary and appropriate,” Beutner said.

The testing program is set to kick off Monday, with additional services to roll out as the school year continues. Over time, testing will be available to all children and staff members in the sprawling school district that has more than 600,000 students. The district said services will also be offered to family members of students and staff who test positive for Covid-19.

Los Angeles county is the worst affected in the country, with more than 220,000 cases.

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Australia: 90% of cases in Victoria since end May traced back to single outbreak in hotel quarantine

In Australia the vast majority of the cases of Covid-19 in Victoria can be traced back to a single family that returned to Australia in mid-May who were kept in hotel quarantine at the Rydges Hotel in Melbourne, an inquiry has heard.

Dr Charles Alpren, an epidemiologist with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, confirmed to the hotel quarantine inquiry over 90% of cases since the end of May could be linked to the one outbreak at the Rydges Hotel, while almost all of the other cases could be linked to an outbreak at the Stamford Plaza Hotel.

The family of four returned to Australia on 9 May, and all four were symptomatic and were diagnosed with Covid-19 on 15 May. On that date they were moved to the Rydges Hotel on Swanston Street in Melbourne.

Then on 25 May, three staff working at the hotel tested positive for Covid-19. From there, the number of cases linked to the outbreak grew to 17. Alpren said 14 of those 17 that were genomically sequenced were linked to the family.

Alpren said that based on the data obtained by the department from 3,234 of the over 12,000 cases in the past month, 3,183 are linked to the Rydges Hotel cluster.

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Jacinda Ardern tells Donald Trump he’s ‘patently wrong’ on NZ’s Covid cases



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