Coronavirus symptoms – when to see a doctor – scientist – symptoms – coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms - when to see a doctor - scientist - symptoms - coronavirus

You need to pay attention to shortness of breath, chest pain (Collage: RBK-Ukraine)

Coronavirus is a very insidious disease and even its minimal manifestations require a doctor’s visit. But, since COVID-19 has many symptoms similar to other diseases, the manifestations of this particular dangerous disease are not always clear.

Apart from the main symptoms of coronavirus, fever, prolonged cough, lack of taste and smell, Scientists from British Center for Disease Control and Prevention called 5 More rare, but dangerous, requiring immediate medical attention upon appearance.

In particular, shortness of breath should be alerted; Chest pain and stiffness; Confusion of consciousness; Blue lips, face and skin; Drowsiness and difficult awakening. Experts note that these symptoms of coronavirus are less common, but indicate a risk of complications.

It is noted that the list does not show all possible symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, as experts recommend, in case of any dangerous manifestations, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Scientists said, “This list does not list all possible symptoms. Please call your doctor.

We will remind, experts name the signs that indicate Development of latent pneumonia.

It was also reported that Ukraine is expected The incidence of COVID-19 increases after the New Year holidays.

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