Coronavirus vaccination performed at Madrid Stadium

Coronavirus vaccination performed at Madrid Stadium

Vaccination preparations were made at the stadium in the capital Madrid. Employees from various fields came to the stadium and were vaccinated.

Mass vaccination against coronovirus began at the stadium in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The first mass coronovirus vaccination, which began at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, which is associated with the Atletico Madrid Club, was designed for municipal police, medical personnel, firemen and civilian security staff working under the Autonomous Administration of Madrid.

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Employees came to the table set in wide corridors inside the stadium and shot their vaccines.

The president of the Autonomous Government of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who came to the stadium to observe the vaccination process, said that vaccines obtained from the AstraZeneca company were used here.

Ayuso said that the Autonomous Administration of Madrid has received 400 thousand doses of the vaccine so far and 175 thousand people have received the second dose of the vaccine.

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Sparking will have the same supply of vaccine

Saying that they have launched separate campaigns for vaccination, Ayuso announced that they expect vaccine supplies to pick up in the spring and mass vaccinations as of April, which most Madrid residents will Will vaccinate.

Large venues such as stadiums, sports and showrooms throughout Spain will be used to vaccinate the coronavirus virus.

Places where mass vaccinations will take place include the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium as well as the Spanish Football Association’s sports complex Las Rejos Football City, the Wyzinc Center, where Real Madrid plays basketball matches and the showroom in Barcelona, ​​Nu Camp Stadium. Saviz in Seville. Pizjuan Stadium.

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Coronavirus virus vaccinated at stadium in Madrid # 2

Outbreak balance and vaccine supply delays

In Spain, in countries where coronovirus is most prevalent in Europe, 68 thousand 468 people have died due to the epidemic so far, a total of 3 lakh 170 thousand 644 cases have been detected.

Spain has been given 4 lakh 508 thousand 845 doses of the vaccine from vaccine manufacturers, with which the European Union has entered into an agreement, and the second dose vaccination of 1 million 221 thousand 183 people has been completed.

The government had set a target of vaccinating 70 percent of Spain’s population (about 47 million) by the end of the summer, but that goal seems difficult to meet due to delays in vaccine supplies.

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