CORONAVIRUS Will two doses of the vaccine be enough for us? Scientists have said that these findings are important in defeating a pandemic!

  CORONAVIRUS Will two doses of the vaccine be enough for us?  Scientists have said that these findings are important in defeating a pandemic!

“Current data suggest that vaccination is effective for at least one year, possibly much longer.” said evolutionary virologist Jiri Cerny, who works in the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. According to him, the problem may be new mutations that can reduce effectiveness. In this case, it will be necessary to re-vaccinate with a modified vaccine that will be more effective.

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The reason for the repatriation would be different from what we thought

Immunologist Michal Klupka, who works at the Faculty of Medicine of Palackie University in Olomouc, agrees. “Personally, though, I would expect a possible re-evaluation to attempt to cover up the newly disseminated forms in the form of a weakened immune response.” He accepted. For other vaccines, the standard annual revaccination interval is several years. The flu vaccine is changed every year due to the changing virus.

According to Libor Grubofer, director of the Biological Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, initially it would be optimal to survey specific antibodies in vaccinated people, especially in the elderly. “It is very likely that the presence of antibodies in many of them has been significantly reduced by now,” She wrote. Since such a survey is unlikely to happen, he would recommend re-vaccination of seniors from November so that most can be revaccinated by the end of the year.

Third round for the weakest in the fall

Molecular immunologist Václav Hodzy of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic also agrees with the start of the re-evaluation of risk groups in the autumn.

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Scientists do not agree on whether mass immunity can be achieved in the Czech Republic. “I fear mass immunity will not be possible, especially because of the high infectivity rate of the new mutation.” Black believes. According to him, some studies suggest that up to 90 percent will be needed. According to him, it is therefore necessary to focus on vaccination of risk groups, thereby preventing further deaths.

Source: TASR – Jacob Coates

“High rates of vaccination among the younger population will at least slow the spread of other waves. Together these two factors would make SARS-CoV-2 a much less dangerous pathogen.” Black couple.

Grubhofer and Hodgey believe that they will at least be able to get close to it. “I hope people realize that vaccination certificates, the COVID passport, will make their lives a lot easier. I just fear this hope will be dashed again by lawyers and judges who decide that COVID passports are unacceptable “ added.

Post-covid immunity is different from post-vaccination

According to Grubofer, people who were infected six to nine months earlier also contribute to collective immunity. According to Klupek, however, this immunity is very variable once it is overcome and in some cases even insufficient.

“For greater interest in vaccination, it is necessary not to slow down in the campaign to emphasize the need to achieve collective immunity. It is not only a question of protecting each of us individually, but solidarity in participating It is also to show the overall security of human society.” Doddle Grubofer.


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