Couple decides to take in new refugees

Couple decides to take in new refugees

Anthony and Sophia have now settled in a new home they have rented together in Bradford and begin sharing housing with some refugees: another Sophia and her boyfriend, Illya.

Arriving in the United Kingdom on 23 June, the couple were welcomed into a British family for the first time, before being exiled. Then they started a call on the social network, which was answered by Anthony and his girlfriend.

“We were criticized for leaving the doors open and letting the cats run away. It was too hot and we weren’t even allowed to open the windows if the cats ran away,” Sofia told Mail Online. Was forced to sleep on a sofa bed which was “very uncomfortable” and they had to clean it for their guests.

Ilya, meanwhile, said that it was nice to be with two Ukrainian-speaking people and that they felt lonely far away from their country.

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