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Coronavirus News: Live Updates - The New York Times

New infections are being reported every day across the country in mid-July, with more than 75,000 cases reported at one stage. Some places, such as New York City, have seen a sharp and steady decline in infections since the city became epidemic in April. But in other areas students had to struggle to stop the case from returning as they arrived in college lodge towns and some primary and secondary schools opened their doors.

Infection in Wisconsin is partly by young people, including college college students, testing positive in places like Madison and La Cross. Is executed.

In Boulder County, Colo., Which had the second-highest average infection rate in the state last week, five of the six active five were linked to fraternity and sorority homes at the University of Colorado Boulder, according to one. State database.

About 87 percent of the record cases reported Friday in La Crosse County on the Mississippi River were among people aged 10 to 29, According to the La Cross Tribune. This number is driven somewhat by the infection spots at the University of Wisconsin-La Cross, where about 250 people tested positive in the last nine days and where there was a completely fresh dorm Ordered asylum in place last week.

There has also been a sharp increase in cases Utah, Which first reported more than 1,000 infections on Friday.

Utah is only recently Come under fire from School teachers, who said this week that the governor and school officials had failed to protect them, said more than 15 positive cases had been reported between staff members and students despite many schools being open, Salt Lake Tribune report.

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And Montana filed more than 250 new cases on Saturday, a one-day record. More cases have been announced in the state in the last week than in the other seven-day period. The total number of cases per capita in Montana is the lowest in the country.


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