Covid makes Auckland the number 1 most livable city – Thai news agency MCOT

Covid makes Auckland the number 1 most livable city - Thai news agency MCOT

Vienna, June 9 – The global coronavirus outbreak has replaced the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EI) annual ranking of the world’s most livable cities. The Austrian capital reached No. 1 this year, overtaking New Zealand’s Vienna.

Vienna has been the world’s No. 1 most livable city since 2019, competing with Melbourne. Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in a ranking of 140 cities around the world for several years. Very well with island topography and outbreak control lockdown. EIU, a subsidiary of Auckland’s Make The Economist magazine, said the tightening of lockdown measures allowed New Zealand to re-engage in society and enable its citizens to stay safe. Auckland was last ranked among the top 10 livable cities in 2017, when it was ranked 8th this year along with Melbourne and Geneva. Australia was jointly ranked 8th, while Vienna was ranked 12th. The coronavirus situation has also pushed Wellington into the top 10. It is ranked fourth behind Japan’s Osaka, which has slipped two places to second, and Adelaide. With Australia east of 10th place, leaving Sydney and Melbourne behind to come in third, the EIU said the COVID-19 outbreak is having a severe impact on the global viability of countries around the world with outbreaks and lower living rates than European countries. Qualified very impressed. EIU ranks last in 2019, canceling last year’s ranking.-Thai News Agency

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