Covid New York: The state has the highest number of COVID-19 cases per day since April 24.

Covid New York: The state has the highest number of COVID-19 cases per day since April 24.
NEW YORK (WABC) – 8,176 new COVID-19 cases were reported in New York on Thursday, the government’s Andrew Cuomo announced Friday. The state has the highest daily case count since April 24 with more than 10,000 cases reported.

“All global experts say the same thing: these are phases of the virus, and your plan should change as the phase changes. We’re seeing an increase in numbers across the country and in our own state. It started in the fall, and it will continue and The wors will probably get worse in the winter, ”Kumo said. “As we go through the holidays and winter months, it will be more imperative than ever to wear New York masks, wash their hands, avoid large and small gatherings, and keep New York tough.”

The statewide positivity rate was 3.722% and a total of 21.26% has been reported.

Cuomo said the positive test rate in the micro-cluster focus zone areas of the state was .6.9 %%, while in areas outside that zone it was 13.113%.

Officials are also keeping a close eye on the number admitted to the hospital.

The state is reported to have treated 471 new Covid-19 patients in New York hospitals, for a total of 3,103 patients nationwide.

In addition, 39 new deaths related to coronavirus have been reported.

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On Thursday, Cuomo said officials are working on a winter plan for the coronavirus that will add metrics to how the state designates the virus hot zone.

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Kumo said the state would continue to admit small geographic areas where cases of the virus would avoid imposing particularly broad statewide restrictions, taking into account factors such as hospital admission rates and the availability of ICU beds.

“We will stick with the micro-cluster approach because it aims to spread, minimize economic impact and emphasize individual and community responsibility,” the governor said. “It’s working very well, and all the experts think it’s advanced.”

Cuomo insisted that New York “does exceptionally well” compared to the rest of the country.

Democrats said New York’s winter plan will focus on assessing safe positivity rates by determining the level of testing required in schools during the winter months, as well as ways to keep schools open. The winter plan will also outline how the vaccine will be distributed when it becomes available.

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Wednesday, -4-. The Supreme Court decision banned the state from imposing certain limits on attendance in churches and synagogues in areas as virus hot zones. The High Court upheld the state’s religious organizations who said that while attendance for worshipers was limited, other businesses in the state-designated red zone could remain open without capacity limits.

Cuomo said the ruling was “irrelevant to any practical effect” because the restrictions on the red zone had been removed, and that it was “more a portrayal of the Supreme Court than anything else.”

He said, “Why is the judgment in this case coming and why is it coming with a different decision from the one you made many months ago on the same issue? Your court is different. And I think the court was giving this statement.”

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“When you look at the amount of space we have in our churches, the limitations don’t really make sense,” said Nicholas Dimarzio, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

“Very strict action has been taken in enforcing the rules that keep the people of our diocese safe,” Dimarzio told reporters. “We don’t want people to get sick in our church in any way.”

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