CP people will have to present their sworn statements

The former President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, announced that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) would return to power in 2024, after stressing that this political organization would “wipe out no one, and no one would divide it” . “

When delivering a speech for more than 40 minutes, during the closing ceremony of the IX Ordinary Congress Jose Joaquín Bido Medina, which developed the organization, Medina said that this political organization had been reinvigorated and re-assumed government in the year Is ready to fight for. 2024.

In this regard, they said that they are already preparing to work for the rights of Dominic, as they have worked in front of a government administration every time.

“This day will definitely mark the beginning of our most glorious stage. PLD is back, ladies and gentlemen, with more force, with more ideas, more talent. And nobody, absolutely no one, is going to stop it, ”the former president said.

The former president assured that the Purple organization returned to its essence by saying “not for privileges and bad practices”, noting that the PLD of 2021 would have no place for those whose interests differed from the interests of the country.

“We did not get communities to talk about votes, divide the country or bring chaos; We see what we need and how we can solve it and in this way we are going to win the favor of the people again.

Medina highlighted that during his administration it was shown that the PLD has undergone the greatest modernization and change that the country has seen, for example the Metro, cable cars, elevated ones, infrastructure renovations, declaring Tune: No one can do it.

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He requested party members not to forget their own history, and that after every coup, every desolation, every betrayal or moment of difficulty, the same thing always happened: “PLD again with too much force.” emerge from.”

“Remember this date, March 14, 2021, because in a few years you will be able to say that you were here and that the new purple wave was beginning to rise that day,” Medina said.

“We have been clearly stated, people’s party, we have been for 47 years and we will remain, as we promised and delivered. Because we have always been in difficult times, defending democracy and social justice. People. Beside, in the neighborhood, in the fields ”.

Medina expressed that the PLD would not again be two groups or an organization of people dying for control, considering that the challenges facing the country would make the Purple Party a solid and credible alternative to Dominic.

The former president said he would dedicate himself “body and soul” to serve the needy people and be ready for renewal, strengthening and fighting of the PLD in 2024.

After Medina’s swearing in, Medina said, “The time we have taken to organize and reflect these months is very important. It has been an extraordinary congress with frank discussions. As the president of the PLD.

The secretary general speaks
For his part, the General Secretary of the political organization, Charles Mariotti, said that all those who left the PLD would realize the disqualification of the place where they are.

measures taken
• Members of the PC must submit an affidavit of the property.

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• They prohibit the use of economic resources in internal campaigns.

• Secretarial holders may not exceed two 4-year periods.

• The Chairman of the Intermediate Committee is elected to the task if he is elected to the CC.

• To aspire for CC you must have a membership of 5 years.


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