Crisis in Ukraine: “It’s genius”, Donald Trump salutes Vladimir Putin’s strategy

Crisis in Ukraine:

Donald Trump on Tuesday saw “genius” in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy on Ukraine, criticizing his successor Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis.

In view of Vladimir Putin’s speech on Monday, in which the Russian president announced that he recognized the independence of two separate regions from Ukraine, “I said + this is genius +”, The Republican billionaire told a conservative podcast.

“How smart is he” Mr Putin added about the former president, praising his passing relationship with the Russian leader.

The closeness between the two men has been the subject of strong criticism in the past.

Assuring that he knows Vladimir Putin “very well”, Donald Trump also decided in a press release that the Russian leader “would never do what he is doing now” under the Trump administration.

Condemning the way his successor, Joe Biden, is handling the file, he said there was “absolutely no reason at all to account for the situation currently unfolding in Ukraine”.

Donald Trump, who is playing with the prospect of a return to the White House race, has also called the restrictions adopted by the Biden administration for the time being “weak”.

“They are insignificant compared to taking a country and strategically located land”, Accused against former leader

“Putin is not only getting what he’s always wanted, he’s getting richer and richer with the oil and gas boom,” she added.

After previously cautious sanctions, specifically targeting pro-Russian separatist regions in Ukraine, the White House on Tuesday intensified its response against Moscow, unveiling new sanctions specifically on the Russian banking sector.

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