Curious how much is the salary of United States soldiers? page all

  Curious how much is the salary of United States soldiers?  page all – Being a developed country as well as having the strongest armed force in the world, the military personnel of the United States of America (US) certainly have a relatively high welfare as compared to other countries.

The welfare level of US soldiers applies equally to all dimensions, including the Navy (US Navy), Army (US Army), Air Force (USAF), Space Force (US Space Force), Coast Guard (USCG), and Marines (US) it happens. Marine). ,

Interestingly, despite the lure of big pay and benefits in America, there are, in fact, very few people interested in the US military. There are not many citizens who yearn for this profession.

So what is the actual salary of US military personnel?

quoted from official page Military, US military salary The combination between rank and service length is calculated based on the formula.

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In the US itself the ranks are divided into 3 groups, namely Class E or subordinate military (Employees and NCOs), W or warrant (Assistant Officer), O or officers (commissioned officer).

United States Soldier Salary The lowest is the rank of E-1 or Private. The private rank itself is equivalent to private two (Prada) at the TNI rank level in Indonesia.

Mentioned, Monthly Salary Received by US Soldiers by Rank Personal or E-1 with a working term of less than four months US$ 1,640 or approximately Rp. 23,475,800 (exchange rate of Rp. 14,300).

When with US Army ranks Personal Having worked for more than two months but still less than 2 years, his monthly salary will increase to US$ 1,785 or approximately Rs 25.55 million.

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The pay will continue to increase along with the length of the service period. Of course, generals have the highest salaries for American soldiers.

normal at the top of the career ladder, ie at the level officers 10 (O-10). For example, the salary received by a general with 40 years of service in the United States Army is equivalent to US$16,608, or Rp 237.73 million.

For comparison, the following is a list of salaries for US servicemen by rank with a record of less than two years of service:

Listed (E)

  • E-1 (Private): $1.650 AS
  • E-2 (Private 2): $2,000 AS
  • E-3 (Private First Class): $2.103 AS
  • E-4 (Specialist/Corporation): $2.330 AS
  • E-5 (Sergeant): $2.541 AS
  • E-6 (Staff Sergeant): $2.774 AS
  • E-7 (Sergeant First Class): $3.207 AS

Warrant Officer (W)

  • W-1 (Warrant Officer): $3.309 AS
  • W-2 (Chief Warrant Officer 2): $3.770 AS
  • W-3 (Chief Warrant Officer 3): $4.261 AS
  • W-4 (Chief Warrant Officer 4): $4.665 AS

officer (o)

  • O-1 (Second Lieutenant): $3.385 AS
  • 0-2 (First Lieutenant): $3.901 AS
  • 0-3 (Captain): $4.514 AS
  • 0-4 (Major): $5.135 AS

In addition it is important to know monthly salaryUS soldiers also receive substantial pension benefits.

American soldiers also get various benefits like housing loan, health insurance, life insurance, education and training.

AFP PHOTO/JACK GUEZ US and Israeli military officers walk in front of the US Patriot missile defense system during joint Israel-US military exercise Juniper Cobra at Hatzor Air Force Base in Israel on March 8, 2018.

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