Democrats accuse Trump of ‘serious betrayal’

Democrats accuse Trump of 'serious betrayal'

Democrats denounced Trump’s inciting riots as “an act of historical treason” when he published his impeachment argument.

“In a severe betrayal of his inauguration, President Trump provoked a violent mob to attack US Capitol Hill during the joint session, disrupting Congressional confirmation of Joseph R. Biden, Jr.” was the winner of the presidential election , “House Democrats, led by Jamie Ruskin, wrote in today’s Senate legal brief, closely linking the former president’s election-overtaking efforts. Donald Trump On January 6 with deadly riots in Parliament House.

“Prosecuting them will encourage future leaders to strive for power at all costs and recognize that there are no limits that a president cannot cross,” he argued.

Democrats, acting as prosecutors in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, accused the former president of taking action for “infallible” responsibility that directly threatens the foundation of the platform. American democracy and argued that they should be accused of inciting a riot.

“Their behavior endangers the lives of every member of Parliament, endangers the peaceful transfer of power and succession, hurts our national security,” the recommendations Democrats wrote. “This is precisely the kind of constitutional violation that disqualifies him from joining federal offices.”

Crowds of Trump supporters cause riots at the Parliament House in Washington on 6 January. Image: Reuters.

The 77-page legal summary argument that the senator will present in the Senate on February 9 in the trial of Trump impeachment. The document clearly blamed Trump for the riots, but also intended to claim that Trump was protected by the First Amendment, the impeachment test was unconstitutional, or even left unnecessary by Trump. The document underscores Trump’s conduct so severely that it requires permanent disqualification from office.

The US Constitution makes it clear that disqualification can be a punishment for a convict.

Trump’s lawyers are about to present their own arguments today. Attorney David Scone said he would argue that the trial was unconstitutional, Trump’s attempt to ban him from running was undemocratic and that the former president’s words were protected by the First Amendment.

However, Democrats do not agree with all this points. “The only way to honor that time was that President Trump accepted the outcome and conceded defeat in the election. Instead, he encouraged the mob in Washington to go mad, and aimed at them like a cannon filled Pennsylvania Avenue. . ” The argument of the document.

However, Republican lawmakers predict Trump is likely to be acquitted, with many arguing that Congress should question the constitutionality of Trump’s impeachment trial once he steps down. In a Senate vote last week, 45 Republicans voted in favor of an attempt to repeal the test.

Huayen Le (according to AP, AFP)

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