Democrats delight in Senate, Trump persistence

Democrats delight in Senate, Trump persistence

Among Republicans, Donald Trump is not the only one who wants to settle his accounts.

,The old party is dead, it’s time to bury itThe party’s right-wing leader, Senator Josh Hawley, tweeted.create something new,

A day earlier, other relatives of Donald Trump wanted to challenge party leaders in Congress, whose positions would soon be implemented.

Among moderates, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, presented as a potential rival to Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election, attributes the fiasco to the Republican billionaire.

,This is the third consecutive election in which Donald Trump has defeated us.“,” he said on CNN on Sunday.i’m tired of losing“, he insisted, taking on a little musings that have gained strength in the conservative media over the past few days.

The 76-year-old real estate magnate, however, retains undeniable popularity among part of Republican voters and polls have always given him the winner of the Republican primary.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, victoriously re-elected and the new star of the hardened right, arrives shortly after and could win if the former president’s legal troubles disqualify him.

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