Descendants of Croatian immigrants from Cole Island New Children’s presidential leftist candidate defeats fans of Pinochet and Trump

Descendants of Croatian immigrants from Cole Island New Children's presidential leftist candidate defeats fans of Pinochet and Trump

The 35-year-old Gabriela Boric, the former son of Croatian immigrants, a former student movement leader and a leftist candidate, has become the new president of Chile.

Namely, in the second round of the election, Boric defeated the right wing of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Brazilian President Bolsonar, as well as an admirer of former US President Donald Trump, Jose Antonio Casta.

Namely, Borik won nearly 70 percent of the vote compared to Kast, who won only 48 percent.

During the election campaign, as a leftist candidate, Boric (35) declared that if he won, he would politically “bury” every trace of the neoliberal model that dominated the country, while Augusto Pinochet and later I was ruled by him. Borik promised citizens the nationalization of the private health care system, the introduction of subsidies and increased taxes for the wealthy.

It was precisely because of this program that he won the sympathy of a large number of Chileans.

Some have said that Boric is actually the true and true successor to Salvador Allende, Chile’s first leftist president, who was brutally killed in a military coup on September 11, 1973, when General Augusto Pinochet came to power.

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Otherwise Borik will be the youngest President of any country in the world. Furthermore, the victory of the Left on the South American continent, and especially in Chile, will most likely affect the surrounding countries with the right rules, and will depend largely on how much more it will deliver on all the promises of the Young Left. To dismantle the neoliberal model established by General Pinochet with the Boys of Chicago after the coup and assassination of Salvador Allende.

Be president of all Chile

Outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said on Sunday night that the country lives in an “environment of extreme polarization, confrontation and disputes” and called on his successor to “become president of all Chile”.

The majority is also interested in how the victory of the leftist candidate will affect the economy of this Latin American country, which is one of the most stable in that part of the world.

who is gabrizella boris

His ancestors are from the island of Ugljan, which Gabriel also visited in 2010. Ugalján’s Domagos Kombura is the cousin of Chile’s presidential candidate, Gabriel Borík. He belongs to the third or fourth generation, they say, on behalf of his great-grandmother, whose last name was Borik.

Gabriel’s ancestors left for Chile 120 years ago. Three brothers lived in the old house of the Borik family. Two went to Chile, one remained in the throes. The family history and the house that no one has lived in for forty years has been of great interest to the potential future president of Chile.

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“He was a little withdrawn. He doesn’t know how to speak anything in Croatian, he speaks English perfectly. But he was interested in everything, he inquired about everything, a completely normal man,” They said.

Gabriel was 25 when he went to Ugljan. In 2011, he was also very active in Chile, where he led student protests. With a megaphone in hand, he led thousands of students on the streets of the capital demanding free education for all. After two mandates in Congress, Boric entered the presidential race, and after winning more than sixty percent of the vote, he became the candidate of the Left Coalition.



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