Desert landscapes: impressive images of the effects of drought in France (Video)

Desert landscapes: impressive images of the effects of drought in France (Video)

In France, drought is manifested by forest fires, but also by desert landscapes.

Boat, kayak and paddle stable. In some areas, the Franco-Swiss river Doubs has dried up completely. Maritime activities have been cancelled.

One cruise had to be shortened. “We were brought in with a shuttle to the boat, whereas usually, we start straight from the boat. I am not from the area but people have started saying that it lacks a lot of water”, A tourist convinces Ellen.

In the Swiss region, the drought is also affecting the tourism sector. This restaurant sees a decline in its business like the water level. “We have barely 15% of the current turnover. Usually, we cover 80 to 100 in a day. At the moment, we sometimes cover 10, sometimes 12… On Sundays, we sometimes Goes up to 20 people. It’s terrifying.”, Points to Christophe, the owner of a restaurant.

Back in France, in the Indre department, where hundreds of fish died due to too little and too hot water.

“The last drought was in 2018. It was extraordinary. The first one was in 1906. We hope it is really extraordinary.” Connects François, the owner of a boat company.

The Dobbs Department, where the river of the same name passes, has been on a “crisis” alert since Wednesday.

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