Destination Brussels This Monday Morning

Le convoi dit "de la liberté" a passé la frontière française : destination Bruxelles ce lundi matin

The so-called “freedom convoy”, a persuasive protest by people opposing the health measures, called for them to reach the center of Brussels and its European district on Monday. Belgian authorities banned the demonstration.

Federal Police is doing mobile checks on Sunday evening, essentially concentrating”On monitoring of access roads and major traffic axes in the direction of Brussels“, explained a spokesman for the Federal Police Ann Berger.

a flyer explaining what they can and can’t

,If we meet people participating in the convoy, we contact them and inform them. Drivers receive a leaflet explaining what they can and cannot do,

Police will intervene only when absolutely necessary. ,First, we act administratively. It is only as a last resort and in consultation with the prosecution we move to the judicial stage.”

For now, the situation on the Franco-Belgian border is calm. It is not clear whether there will be any major disruption to the convoy. ,We are constantly monitoring the situation and are in close consultation with France. At present, individual vehicles cross the border but not in convoys. Everything is looking calm at the moment and we expect it to remain that way.”Added Federal Police.

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