Destroyed MRE King Mohammed VI. appeal to

 Destroyed MRE King Mohammed VI.  appeal to

“Till date, none of the victims have withdrawn their rights. […] Justice is deliberately upheld in complete irrationality and the system as a whole is crippled by unacceptable practices”, of the Real Estate Association represented by the Association for Law and Justice in Morocco (ADJM) in a correspondence addressed to the Sovereign. Condemns the victims. Among them, there are foreigners but also Moroccans living abroad (MRE). They claim that on several occasions all institutions and ministries that are likely to come to the aid of the victims have been alerted so as to put an end to the misuse and misappropriation of heritage, reports hespress, without success.

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Even as the royal directives expressed on December 26, 2016 are “not followed with any effect”, the victims are sorry. “What is necessary is the painful and bitter observation that it is absolutely impossible today for victims to receive respect for their rights despite your instructions”, he points to King Mohammed VI. “To this day, the position on this extremely serious subject remains unchanged. […] Land and real estate crime through hundreds of cases, claiming thousands of victims throughout the state and beyond, has not only had a devastating impact on civilians and other victims, who are often in a vulnerable position, but also damages the international image of the entire state. heavy and spoil. ,

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According to the Collective, the judicial system in its entirety has been “infiltrated by criminal networks”, which are said to have “established themselves in all institutions and administrations, thus making anyone come up against this crisis.” It is impossible to obtain the fundamental respect for and the legality of property rights”. The 2011 Law (39/08 Article 2) “intended to favor criminal networks rather than victims”, he criticizes. This ongoing phenomenon Confronted, the victims once again turn to King Mohammed VI: “You are the sole guarantor of fundamental respect for all, whether citizens, foreigners or residents of the country. ‘foreign.’ ,

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