Did you notice the gestures of these two young “intruders”? Nathan explains what he was doing there…

 Did you notice the gestures of these two young

” Embarrassed ! », « This is rigged! “,” Five years of crap again! “… In a video that went viral on social networks, two Marine Le Pen voters declared Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the second round of the presidential election But he showed his anger.

The scene was filmed by our colleague from La Voix du Nord and takes place in the polling station of the Debair Room in Henin-Beaumont, where several activists of the National Rally of Marine Le Pen gathered.

But on social networks, many Internet users have noted the behavior of two young people, who, unlike those present, are cautiously rejoicing in Emmanuel Macron’s victory.

Are those Macronists infiltrating? Not !

Our colleagues at La Voix du Nord were able to interview Nathan to explain what he was doing in the midst of these extremist extremists. “We were watching the count in our town, theoretically we’re at home,” Nathan replied to La Voix du Nord.

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He is the boy in the green jacket on the right of the image who clenches his fists at judgment, and, like his friend Hugo, is a student at Darchycourt High School in Henin-Beaumont.

“Are you hot, are we going for a walk?”

In the afternoon, as he is making amends, he sees the room filling up with activists and journalists.

“Are you hot, are we going for a walk?”, he texts his lover.

He assures us that we should not see any provocation behind his presence among RN workers on Sunday evening. “With anti-fascist beliefs, I’m rather anchored to the left. We wanted to show that there are not only Lepenists in Henin. But the reaction of the people. I understand it. I understand this hatred against the system. They are the people who have been disappointed by the Right, the Left disappointed. They are the brave people, the activists,” the high school student continues.

“Not Macronist Just Antifa”

An outlook on social networks is not always well understood. “We were called bourgeoisie or allies, because that might sound pretentious,” says Nathan in Voix du Nord. Who had to modify his bio on Twitter to add “Not a Macronist, just Antifa.”

In the room, on the other hand, no problem, no disgrace: “We would have been more scared at a meeting of Zamour”, assured the high school student in Voix du Nord.

Before the verdict, he exchanged with RN voters without hiding and without any problems. According to Nathan, these are “victims of populism and populism”: “RN wanted to de-demonetize himself and in Henin it did a great job. The people who vote for him are not at all racist or fascist, they are disappointed. There are people. There is a way to win them back, by discussing, without disdain them,” he wants to believe.


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