Diplomacy – Putin, Merkel and Macron discuss vaccine, Navalny and Libya

Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday exchanged and announced Libya together with Alex Sponic V, as well as Alexa Navalny’s position on cooperation on Kovid’s anti-vaccines.

Image D’Arcive.


During a video conference, the three leaders discussed possible vaccine cooperation based on the progress of the Sputnik V vaccine review by the European Vaccine Agency.

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron also drew attention to “Putin’s (Russian rival) Alexis Navalny’s position and the need to respect his rights, according to the European Convention on Human Rights, and that his health is protected.” Called again “to make a firm commitment to stabilize a cease-fire in Ukraine” and called for an “inclusive dialogue” in Belarus.

On Libya, French and German leaders hoped that, along with Russia, they “put all their weight to boost the transition process”. He also called for continuing cross-border assistance to the Syrian population. In the end, they agreed to “coordinate their efforts so that negotiations begin and Iran complies with its nuclear obligations as soon as possible.”


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