Disabled Jenny is forced to crawl into plane’s toilet: “I was told I better wear diapers” (VIDEO)

Disabled Jenny is forced to crawl into plane's toilet:


handicapped, jenny BerryA UK girl was filmed dragging herself down the aisle of a plane albastarSaying that the cabin crew refused to help him in the bathroom. Unable to rely on the help of the company’s hostesses and stewards, she decided to post the video on her TikTok account.

In her video, which has been viewed over 5 million times, Jenny Berry It also added that a member of the flight crew allegedly told him that “Disabled people should wear only diapersso that such a situation does not arise.

His testimony and images caused such a scandal on the social network that the general manager of the company personally apologized to Britain. Long before the latter joined the story, a spokesperson for the airline defended the employees by saying it was not authorized to carry a single passenger. He even wondered why.”his partner didn’t help him,

This story created such a stir on social media that Jenny Berry Was invited to a television talk show to talk about his audacity: ,It’s frustrating to see they try to spin this thing like my fault”, Jenny said during the show. ,All other companies, even low cost companies, have wheelchairs for this sort of thing.,

Indeed, airlines often transport disabled passengers using wheelchairs specially built for the aisles of aircraft. If companies today aren’t obligated to have them, Jenny would like to make them mandatory. So he started a petition that garnered about 5,000 signatures.


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