Disagreements over the Egyptian Brotherhood in Turkey from Mahmoud Hussein to the investigation

Disagreements over the Egyptian Brotherhood in Turkey from Mahmoud Hussein to the investigation

raging between differences brotherhood In Turkey, where the group’s acting leader, Ibrahim Munir, decided to refer the former secretary general, Mahmoud Hussein, and his aides (all living in Turkey) for investigation.

Munir decided to form a special committee that runs the group in Turkey, called the “Turkish Administration Committee”, and against the background of the dissolution of the Shura Council of Munir’s group, a group of leaders loyal to him and Hussein and against their allies. and former administrative office.

Reject Munir’s decisions

The move comes against the backdrop of Hussein’s disapproval of the Munir’s decisions and his declaration that he did not have the authority to issue them, as well as the dissolution of Hussein’s administrative office and the dissolution of the group’s shura council and their observance. Against failure. Managing the group’s economic and investment files, and not leaving them to Munir and his group.

It is reported that Al Arabiya.net previously disclosed the details of the decision. brotherhood By dissolving its administrative office in Turkey and the Shura Council, postponing the country’s elections held last July for a period of 6 months.

under the direction of the Turkish authorities

Furthermore, reliable sources indicated that the decision was issued under the guidance of Turkish authorities, and that Munir had to deal with it and sign it.

She also indicated that among the reasons that inspired the move, a group of the Egyptian Brotherhood rejected Egypt-Turkey relations, as well as a meeting of several leaders of that group with the head of the Happiness Party, which is part of Turkey’s The president opposes Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and offers him to finance it financially and politically.

Ibrahim Muniri

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real estate and property

In addition to the previous justification, there were financial and administrative breaches in the group’s office, revealed by previous audio leaks from the leader, Amir Bassam, who confirmed that the Brotherhood leaders had acquired real estate, property and money for the group in his name. was registered. the names of his sons.

Sources also revealed that there are many objections to the performance and orientation of Mahmud Hussein’s group within the Brotherhood, especially since it was chosen by only 4 of the Brotherhood’s overseas offices, pointing out that upon its election, it would What was known was abolished. The “Office of Foreign Affairs”, and under the leadership of Mahmud Hussein, took over the reins of affairs. Financial and administrative, while those close to it received financial privileges represented in monthly salaries that exceeded $3,500 per person, nationality and permanent residence. in Turkey, and educational and university grants, depriving people associated with the other team led by Amar Daraz, Ali Batik and Ahmed Abdel Rahman from all these offerings. .

Financial irregularities and embezzlement

In addition, the decision to dissolve the group’s office and the Shura Council is aimed at breaching that group’s involvement in the financial embezzlement and plundering of the Brotherhood’s property and money, and allocating investments in their names, families and children’s names. to sources.

It is noteworthy that these developments came when the group decided to expel its members from Turkey and go to other countries, led by Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Malaysia and several Balkan countries, and with the coordination between the two countries. matched. Cairo and AnkaraTurkey’s efforts to open a new page of relations with Egypt.

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