“Disappointing,” “an unnamed emptiness”, “they quarrel like children”: the debate between Pecrese and Zemour reacts to Internet users

"Navrant, "d'une nullité sans nom", "ils se chamaillent comme des enfants" : le débat entre Pécresse et Zemmour fait réagir les internautes

It was a lively, hectic, even chaotic debate that pitted Valerie Pecrese and Eric Zemor this Thursday evening. The two French presidential candidates spent the confrontation sending pike up and biting each other, so much so that the face-off became inaudible.

Ruth Elcrife and Gilles Boulu, two journalists present on set to moderate the debate, experienced many difficulties in preparing the candidates. “Be respectful and make sure this debate is audible to the audience, it’s at least courtesy,” recalled Gilles Boulud.

“We’re not in a playground!” Ruth Elcrife said a few minutes later, desperate.

His attitude made some Internet users smile, sympathetic. “Ruth Elcrife just rolled her eyes, cropping up for Zemour and Pecrese. We’re losing her. We must save Soldier Elcrife”, Fatima El Ausadi, an elected LREM, quipped on Twitter.

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On the social network, many Internet users expressed their outrage at the “heartbreaking” level of the exchange. One of them wrote on Twitter, “Do you find this debate fascinating? It’s heartbreaking! Real waste pickers!” “I understand Emmanuel Macron for not lending himself to such a bad game,” she said.

This other Twitter user denounced the “anonymous emptiness” debate. “We don’t understand anything. They fight like kids. They’re against Emmanuel Macron? Well, he can sleep soundly. The show on offer is worthy of reality TV,” he wrote.

Others preferred to have fun with the situation, such as Guillaume T.C., known for his humorous montages, who summed up the evening after having fun with it.


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