Dispute between Disney and Florida governor escalates over gender at school!

La dispute entre Disney et le gouverneur de Floride s'envenime à propos du genre à l'école !

This latest initiative by Ron DeSantis, an ambitious conservative who according to observers wants to use Florida as a springboard for the White House, reflects the deterioration in its relationship with the entertainment giant, yet in its own field. an economic giant.

When the site was built in the 1960s, Disney was given special status in the governor’s sights.

Mr DeSantis asked lawmakers to extend his session by a few days and work on “the abolition of all special districts enacted in Florida prior to 1968”, clearly targeting the district assigned to Disney World.

This amusement park near Orlando is one of the most visited parks in the world.

Republican governors are outraged that Disney CEO Bob Chapek has publicly spoken out against a law prohibiting the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school.

The text has been nicknamed by its detractors “don’t say gay” (“don’t talk about gays”).

Relations between Ron DeSantis and Disney have not always been strained, notably at Disney World, which employs more than 75,000 people and contributed financially to the Republican nominee’s campaign, not to mention the Democratic camp.

But now they have turned sour and the veteran has suspended these election funding.

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