Does Brazil have a President? Jair Bolsonaro lives in seclusion in his palace since his election defeat

 Does Brazil have a President?  Jair Bolsonaro lives in seclusion in his palace since his election defeat

Since his election defeat against Lula, President Jair Bolsonaro has been holed up in the silence of his palace in Brasilia, in the troubling atmosphere of a power vacuum at the top of the Brazilian state.

It was only after more than two weeks of imprisonment which was often interpreted as a sign of a furious inability to accept defeat that the first official explanation was provided.

The retirement of 67-year-old Bolsonaro from October 30 at his Alvorada Palace is due to erysipelas, a bacterial skin infection that affects one leg, his vice president, Hamilton Morao, assured on Wednesday. The information is still unconfirmed by the presidency at the end of the week and who did not deny.

The same Vice President declared just before the daily bravery being performed by Bolsonaro “a spiritual retreat“General Morao even felt that Bolsonaro’s imprisonment could last until the end of his mandate.”I’m not the president. i can’t wear the scarf back“For the president, Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, he told Valor, if Bolsonaro refused the ritual on January 1, 2023, the day of his successor’s enthronement.

slim official agenda

On the evening of his defeat, by the narrowest margin in modern electoral history, Jair Bolsonaro chose to go to bed rather than recognize the leftist leader’s victory, as is customary in a democracy.

Two days later, he reappeared for a brief, martial and convoluted speech, half-heartedly admitting his defeat, invoking “breach” And “sense of injusticeof his supporters.

His accounts on social networks, hyperactive during his presidency, have been virtually silent for nearly three weeks.

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The president of the first economy in Latin America was dressed in yellow this week at the G20 summit in Bali as COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh.

He was also replaced by his deputy for the presentation of credentials of several ambassadors, including to Argentina, according to confirmation to AFP by a diplomatic source from this country.

His official agenda, communicated by the Presidency, is very slim: sometimes half-hour meetings with a minister or advisor, always in Alvorada.

Bolsonaro also did his Thursday night live on Facebook, where he was delivering a monologue about his administration to his loyal base.

silence is the best solution

For Oliver Stuenkel of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), the president’s silence is above all strategic. ,He cannot officially recognize the result (of the election), but he also cannot explicitly challenge it for fear of problems with electoral justice.“, he told AFP.

,silence is the best solution“For Bolsonaro.”He does not want to lose the support of his most hardline supporters protesting in front of the army headquarters“in favor of military intervention. And”that works,

Tuesday, a public holiday, there were still thousands protesting in major cities against the victory”.stolen“Lula’s. On social networks, Internet users lean towards a depression, even a mental collapse”.captain,

,He is sad and apathetic. their defeat destroyed their immunity“, quipped one on Twitter.But where is this injury that prevents Bolsonaro from working?“, asked another,”on my foot? his ego?,

Silvio Costa, founder of the site Congresso em Foco, does not deny that “denial developed into depression“Who on Bolsonaro”really stopped working,This is his first defeat after nine electoral victories.“Since 1988: Bolsonaro elected councilor of Rio, seven times deputy, then president.”His friends shun him, he is the subject of dozens of complaints and investigations and fears going to jail. he feels lost“, says Mr. Costa.

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What can happen between now and the end of his term?

The vacancy at the top of the state creates a worrying situation for national security. ,One wonders whether the President would be prepared to take necessary measures in the event of an emergency for the nation“, says Oliver Stuenkel.

Silvio Costa recalls that Bolsonaro “totally unexpected“. “He can “remain confined, or reappear with a putschist discourse and cause as much unrest as possible“For Lula’s government, he says.

Meanwhile, at COP27 Lula was welcomed as head of state, and high-level meetings multiplied, asserting, a little before the hour: “Brazil is back!,In elections, the winners laugh and the losers cry. I have a feeling that someone who’s just been beaten doesn’t know how to lose“, declared the president-elect on Saturday in Lisbon.


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