Donald Trump – Fundraising: – Felt like a scam

Donald Trump - Fundraising: - Felt like a scam

New York (dagbladet): a comprehensive review in new York Times Shows that Trump’s election campaign used pre-marked fields and integral designs in emails to his supporters to raise funds. As such, he is said to have squeezed millions of dollars from ignorant supporters and thus earned enough money to be able to compete with Biden in the final months of the election campaign.

Demanded so much money back, that in 2020, according to a Trump campaign newspaper review, ended up reimbursing people who donated online $ 122 million (just over 1 billion Norwegian kronor). In comparison, Joe Biden’s campaign organization reimbursed $ 21 million (about $ 179 million).

Many of Trump’s own supporters are now telling how they feel cheated.

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– It felt like a scam, the newspaper is called Russell Blatt.

His brother, Stacy Blatt, received hospice treatment for cancer in September last year when he listened to radio personality Rush Limbaugh about how Trump needed more money. Blatt, who lives for $ 1000 (about 8500 kronor) every month, decided to give whatever he could for $ 500 (about 4250 kronor). This was his first political donation. But the donation kept doubling. Within 30 days, the Trump Organization had collected $ 3,000 (about 25,500 kronor).

When Blatt could not pay the rent and other expenses, he called his brother for help.

But what the Blatt brothers thought was a mistake was a deliberate plan to bring more revenue to the Trump campaign through the Winred Company.

– He condemned the money

Those who wanted to support Trump only once had to read all the small print very carefully and manually remove the marked areas.

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– Bandits. I am retired “I can’t afford to pay all this money,” 78-year-old Victor Emlino told the New York Times.

He wanted to donate $ 990 (about 8415 kronor), but deducted $ 8000 (about 68,000 kronor).

In the last 2.5 months of the election campaign, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee paid $ 530.3 million (about 546.6 million) to 530,000 donors for various reasons. During the same period, the Biden campaign reimbursed $ 5.6 million (approximately $ 47.6 million) to 37,000 donors.

Overall, Trump returned 10.7 percent of the money received through Winred, while Biden had to return 2.2 percent of the money received through Actblue, a Democrat’s equivalent organization, according to public documents.

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– Textbook example

However, according to US consumer law, the practice of the Trump campaign should not be outright illegal.

“It’s unfair, it’s unethical, and it’s unfair,” Ira Rengold of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, a consumer advocate, told the New York Times.

Harry Brigul is an expert on deceptive design.

– This should be an example of a textbook that you should not do, he tells the newspaper.

– hardworking

Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, defends the fund.

– Our election campaign was built on hard-working men and women in America. Miller says that protecting his investment was paramount to everything else.

Despite an exceptionally aggressive fundraising, Trump lost the presidential election by more than seven million votes. In Biden’s 306, the Electoral College lost by 232 votes.

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Trump claims that he lost the presidential election due to widespread electoral fraud. Despite the fact that he has not presented any documents on it. Conversely, the wrong claim is dismissed flat after court after court.

But even after the election debacle, the election campaigning organization continued to collect weekly sums from those who had already left the marked areas. By December 14, Trump raised tens of millions of dollars for the political action committee, Save America.


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