Donald Trump is said to be dreaming of being reinstated as US President

Donald Trump is said to be dreaming of being reinstated as US President

Nolost after 29 days Donald Trump patience. His blog didn’t get old. Now the section on Trump’s homepage, which actually only distributed the press release, has been closed again. Obviously, the former president, who still wields a lot of influence over the Republican Party from his club Mar-a-Lago in Florida, was disappointed by the low number of clicks.

The website was supposed to be their mouthpiece after the world’s most famous Twitter user was banned from the platform and others after the Capitol was attacked by his supporters in January. Trump recently had nearly 89 million followers on Twitter – reportedly outraged that his own Internet presence attracted minimal interest in comparison. On its last day, the blog received only 1500 comments or redistributions on Facebook and Twitter.

According to his adviser Jason Miller, a larger Trump stage is still planned. In March, Miller spoke on “Fox News” about a new social network, “the hottest trend” for which millions of Trump fans would leave other social media. The blog that was halted was recently advertised with a detailed video trailer declaring it as a “ray of freedom”. The lack of response, however, does not reflect Trump’s popularity among Republican voters — even if it is declining slightly. poll in a recent poll by broadcaster NBC With 44 percent approval, Trump was less popular than the party among supporters of the party. His influence among Republicans still looms large.

Not everyone in Trump’s circle seems loyal, though — some might enjoy sharing it with reporters. So the impressions seep again and again which raises doubts about the mental health of the former president. Trump is still haunted by the idea that he illegally lost the election last November, newspapers reported this week.

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