Donald Trump Jr. becomes his father’s legacy – and behaves against Joe Biden

Donald Trump Jr. becomes his father's legacy - and behaves against Joe Biden
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Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States. His son Donald Trump Jr. wants to follow him. And starts on Twitter.

  • Four years Donald Trump I am White house It is over. Their Presidency Twitter was marked by regular arrows.
  • son Donald Trump Jr. Wants to inherit – Short message service is only a first step.
  • All information about the former president and Trump clan above us Topic page.

Mar-a-Lago / Florida – 2020 US Election Donald Trump he is lost Capital Washington DC Left, Twitter banned him and to shut it down, he deserves it Impeachment process before this. Should he be convicted there, all dreams of a return in 2024 will disappear into thin air.

But the end of one Trump Someone else’s career can begin. The eldest son of the elected US President, Donald Trump Jr., Not only called like his father, he is already following in his father’s footsteps – at least on the messaging service Twitter.

USA: Donald Trump Jr. takes his father’s legacy on Twitter

There relationship Donald Trump Jr. Basically resembles his father’s behavior, which he experienced as a result of the excesses inside Washington DC Still introduced valid account restrictions. Twitter attacked Trump Jr. Favorite enemy Jeff bezosBecause he is in a dispute with a union at Amazon – the Trump Organization, like its owners Donald jr. And his brother Eric Trump While his father was on duty White house pushed. The Trump Organization had a fight with a trade union in Las Vegas between 2012 and 2016 before the two reached an out-of-court agreement.

but Donald Trump Jr. Not only this, Twitter also competes against other billionaires. Joe Biden His fat is gone. Riots followed a demonstration in Portland and local police used tear gas, he tweeted Trump Junior:Joe Biden Use tear gas! Subordinate to the Democrats Trump Jr. In another tweet and in the old tradition Trump A closeness to the mainstream media that would make them easier to win.

The Trump Family in Politics: Successors Strive for Higher Goals

Underlined his political ambitions Donald Trump Jr. But in another tweet, he wrote that read “Trump (Jr.) 2024” – a clear reference to a possible candidacy for an older son Trump clan. In fact, both Trump Jr. As well as his sister Ivanka Trump Called for expanding into lofty political goals White house will suffice. Ivanka Rumored to be ready for his candidacy US Senate Vor in Florida. Trump Jr. The President of the National Rifle Association (NRA) may pass through the post. Eric’s wife Lara Trump also wants him US-Senate to run.

So it should be noted: No matter how the proceedings against impeachment take place Donald Trump Ended – belongs to one’s family in political business America Probably still listen a lot. Even if there were only bite attacks on the son Twitter Huh. (Daniel Dillman)

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