Donald Trump travels to the wall between Mexico and the United States

Donald Trump travels to the wall between Mexico and the United States

The final term of Trump’s presidency is, if possible, even more turbulent. He has been accused of inciting a mob to enter Parliament House after the Congress uproar on Wednesday and many people – including those from his own Republican Party – are now demanding his resignation.

Democrats in the House of Representatives want Vice President Mike Pence and the government to activate the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, making it possible to remove a president who is not supposed to perform his duties. If it does not, they threaten to initiate a Supreme Court trial – charges can be presented by Monday.

But Donald Trump himself There are no plans to resign or hand over power to Vice President Mike Pence before he is sworn in as the new president on January 20. It reveals senior advisers in the White House who have spoken with prominent personalities such as Finance Minister Steven Menuchin, Mike Pence and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, reports CBS News.

Instead, Trump is planning a trip to the Alamo in Texas on Tuesday, where he sees the completion of more than 640 km of the wall between the United States and Mexico, and the White House reforming the country’s broken migration system Attempts have been noted. This will likely be his first public appearance after speaking to his supporters regarding the storming of the Capitol in the states ABC News.

But that’s not the only thing Item on the agenda.

This week, President Pentagon’s Defense Headquarters and Acting Defense Minister Chris Miller will also work with the states on unspecified “transition issues”. CBS News.

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It will also finalize the so-called “Abraham Agreement” between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the two Gulf states of Bahrain. In September, the countries reached an agreement on formal diplomatic relations. The work is likely to include his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Finance Minister Steven Menuchin and foreign leaders.

Beyond what is expected Trump has been in a fight with social media giants who shut him down on one of his platforms, one of his advisor states Cnn.

Staff are said to have asked him to use the suspension from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to divert attention from the storm and instead argued that social media is biased and against conservatives – that the suspension is an attack on his followers .

“It’s not just about President Trump, but literally about the 75 million Americans who supported him,” the advisor said.

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