Donald Trump’s Lawyers Might Need Lawyers

Donald Trump's Lawyers Might Need Lawyers

Since the FBI’s discovery of Mar-a-Lago on August 8, doubts have been raised about the affidavit by the US Justice Department that one of Trump’s attorneys signed in June calling for the surrender of all classified documents.

After being appointed, Donald Trump’s team said they had “diligently searched” boxes moved from the White House to Florida after the former President of the United States’ mandate expired. Donald Trump’s lawyer Christina Bob then signed a letter in which she said that “the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge”.

As two sources told CNN, the attorney certified in that letter that all documents requested by the summons were handed over to the Justice Department. That’s why Christina Bob was named as the “guardian” of the files.
The letter in question was written by Ivan Corcoran, another lawyer for Donald Trump.

It must have written there that “‘No other documents were stored in the private office or anywhere else in the premises and all available boxes were searchedsaid the Justice Department in its petition filed on Tuesday, August 30.

ahead, “The government has also established evidence that government documents were concealed and removed from the storage room and attempts were made to obstruct the government’s investigation.“, writes the Ministry of Justice.
La Libre already explained thatDonald Trump’s Lawyer Will Have “Explicitly Prohibited” To see the boxes at the Mar-a-Lago warehouse during a visit to the FBI in June.

“Clearly False” Statement

The Justice Department also clarified that the FBI “uncovered multiple sources of evidence, indicating that the response to the grand jury summons of 11 May was incomplete and that classified documents remained at the scene despite the swearing-in certification by the government of 3 June. The fact that the FBI retrieved, within hours, several documents bearing the classification mark as a “difficult search” that seriously challenges the former president’s attorney and other representatives to conduct, June 3. doubt the statements made in the certification and doubt the extent of cooperation in the matter“, adds the Ministry of Justice.

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CNN legal analyst Eli Honig believes that “The statements made in the June certification are clearly false,
The issue then is whether Donald Trump’s lawyers have “made a statement knowing that it was false“. will make it”Allegations of misrepresentation and obstruction“, says the analyst.


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